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  • 1. Material - Does it have a Lifetime Warranty - is it prorated or is it non-prorated?

    Weber Aluminum uses material that has a non-prorated warranty including material and labor. Ask to see a copy of the warranty.

    2. Labor - Is the company reputable?

    Weber & Sons has been in business since 1976.

    3. Can the contractor give 50 jobs to look at?

    Weber & Sons has over 1700 completed jobs in Oak Forest alone. Ask if it would be alright to talk to the homeowners that the contractor has already sided (workmanship, attitude, cleanup).

    Weber & Sons pride themselves to be the best in all that they do.

    4. Insurance - Weber & Sons can show you a complete insurance policy including workers compensation insurance and liability insurance.

    5. Soffits & Gutters - Are vents opened prior to installation of louvered panels?

    Weber & Sons cut additional vents on every home. Often, there are no vents on the garage and insufficient venting on the rest of the home.

    6. Are all corners mitered?

    Weber & Sons mitres all corners.

    7. Is rotten wood replaced?

    Absolutely, all rotten wood is replaced prior to application of soffit and fascia.

    8. Is soffit .019 gauge?

    Builder panels .014 gauge .016 gauge are often used on today's market to cut costs. Weber & Sons uses only .019 gauge for better rigidity. Heavier gauges reduce noise on windy days and also add a "nicer look" to a flatter product.

    9. Is gauge of seamless gutter .032 gauge?

    Absolutely, Weber & Sons will use .o32 gauge only.

    10. Where are the downspouts to be placed?

    This question is often never discussed until too late and outlet holes are cut. Weber & Sons explains thoroughly where water should run. Often, the homeowners input is essential for best results. Extensions on downspouts are another important issue that Weber & Sons covers thoroughly before doing the work.

    11. Is the job to be done on a timely basis - beginning and finishing without going to the next job?

    Weber & Sons only works on one job at a time - every time. Too many installer jumps around. This only upsets the customer.

    12. Are you dealing with the owner of the company and is the owner personally supervising the work?

    Ralph, Dan and Dave Weber own and operate Weber & Sons Window and Siding. 90% of the time one of these three are doing the work. Weber & Sons success has been due to the fact that everything is supervised.

    13. Is cleanup being done?

    Each day garbage is removed and carried to the dumpster.

  • 1. Is the gauge of the siding .046? Does it have a double nailing hem? Does it have a 3/4" butt?

    Alside's (First on America's homes, 1947) Charter Oak (.046 gauge) double nailing hem and 3/4" butt and Alcoa's Quest 3 (.046 gauge) double nailing hem and 3/4" butt are the best vinyl siding panels available. They are both warranted, lifetime, non-prorated material labor.

    2. Are all above ground outside corners wrapped? Over 90% of all outside corners that should be wrapped are not! This enables hornets and wasps a place to live. Unwrapped corners are unsightly!

    Weber & Sons wrap all above ground corners.

    3. Is necessary carpentry being done prior to application of siding, soffit, fascia, and gutters?

    Weber & Sons will build a fascia to accept a box gutter. In general, Oak Forest homes wood fascia is "canted" in. New rafter tails must be instead to accept a box gutter.

    4. Does the installer fasten each piece of soffit in four places? Is each stud being nailed? Many installers fasten soffit in one place and arbitrarily nail studs.

    Weber & Sons fastens each piece of soffit in four places and nails every stud when siding.

    5. Are all storm windows being removed and re-caulked allowing aluminum trim to cover complete sill? When aluminum still trim is butted to storm window and caulked, the homeowner is unaware of all the damage that is being done later when caulk goes bad.

    Weber & Sons remove every storm window when trimming with aluminum. Sill is covered to inside stool.

    6. Are the gutters the last thing that is installed after the soffit and fascia?

    Many contractors install the gutter first and simply "slip" the aluminum fascia underneath. Soffit, fascia and gutters are a system and should be treated as such. Fascia should be installed to cover all but 3/4" of wood fascia. Gutter hangars should be nailed through the aluminum fascia to insure that wind would never remove it.

    Weber & Sons follow soffit, fascia, gutter systems from the ground level up to flashing.

    7. Are the installers employees or subcontractors?

    Weber & Sons siding installers are all employees. They know what they are going to be paid in a day and are concerned primarily in doing the work the best they can. They are not paid so much per foot as subcontractors are. Subcontractors are normally in a hurry to go to the next job.